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Clanker Man
The Stomach

Enter the gripping world of MATRIARCH (originally entitled WORMEATER), a spellbinding film commissioned and funded by Hulu, now available for streaming worldwide on Disney+ and Hulu. Starring Jemima Rooper and Kate Dickie as LAURA and CELIA BIRCH, a long-estranged daughter and mother, the story takes a riveting turn when Laura miraculously survives a fatal overdose. Prompted by her mother’s intuition, Celia contacts Laura the day after her near-death experience, luring her back to the village she once fled. However, as Laura’s body starts to exude a mysterious black ooze, the village’s shocking secrets begin to bubble to the surface. With an Audience Gold Award for Best Feature at Celluloid Screams 2022 and an impressive Rotten Tomatoes Critics Score of 85%, MATRIARCH is an enthralling exploration of mother-daughter relationships and the haunting consequences of buried truths.

Immerse yourself in the unsettling world of MATRIARCH as Jemima Rooper and Kate Dickie bring LAURA and CELIA BIRCH to life. Witness the aftermath of Laura’s inexplicable survival, leading her mother to guide her back to the village she once fled. As Laura’s body undergoes an eerie transformation, secreting a mysterious black substance, the village’s hidden secrets are unleashed, revealing a shocking truth. Garnering accolades such as the Audience Gold Award for Best Feature at Celluloid Screams 2022 and an impressive Rotten Tomatoes Critics Score of 85%, MATRIARCH delves into the depths of strained family bonds and the dark forces that lie beneath the surface. Stream this captivating film now on Disney+ and Hulu for an unforgettable and chilling cinematic experience.

In the haunting solitude of a lakeside setting, a woman embarks on a poignant journey to disperse the ashes of a cremation, seeking solace and closure. However, as she solemnly goes about her task, she discovers that the weight of the past cannot be easily cast aside. Memories, both cherished and painful, flood her mind, intertwining with the present moment. With each handful of ashes released into the wind, she confronts the lingering emotions and attachments that refuse to be forgotten.

This captivating short film was specially commissioned by Hulu as part of their inaugural Huluween ‘online film festival,offering a unique cinematic experience to viewers. Executive produced by 21st Digital Studio, the film captures the essence of Hulu’s commitment to delivering captivating and thought-provoking content. Through its poignant exploration of grief, memory, and the persistence of the past, this evocative piece invites audiences to reflect on the intricate web of emotions that shape our lives and the profound impact of letting go.

Reality doesn’t happen by itself. Behind the scenes, Terry Lothian works tirelessly, dedicated to maintaining the intricate background details that we often take for granted. However, with his department experiencing the strain of austerity cutbacks, the consequences extend beyond mere budget constraints. As the fabric of reality begins to fray, the very foundation of our existence starts to unravel, leaving us to question what we once assumed was immutable.

Commissioned by Talkies Community Cinema in association with Short Sighted Cinema for the HERE Film Festival 2017, Clanker Man emerged as a testament to creative excellence. Its captivating storytelling and mesmerizing visuals garnered recognition and acclaim, earning it several prestigious awards. Among these accolades are the Melies d’Or for Best European Fantastic Short Film in 2017/18 and the Melies d’Argent at the San Sebastian Horror & Fantasy Film Festival in 2017. Additionally, the film triumphed at the Dark Owls International Short Film Competition at the Leeds International Film Festival in 2017 and secured the title of Best Mockumentary Short at the On Vous Ment Mockumentary Festival in 2018. The enthusiastic response from audiences also granted Clanker Man the Audience Award at the Beeston Short Film Festival in 2018 and the esteemed Little Imp Best Short Film Award at Indie-Lincs the same year. Furthermore, its innovative portrayal of architecture earned it the Window to Architecture Award at the Kurzfilmwoche International Short Film Festival in 2018, solidifying its position as a remarkable and multi-award-winning cinematic masterpiece.

Frank’s had enough. As a spirit medium, his unique and grotesque method of channeling the dead is not only taking a toll on his own sanity but also putting his life at risk. Determined to break free from this dangerous path, Frank longs for an escape. However, little does he know that forces beyond the realm of the living have their own sinister plans in store. In this captivating fusion of ghost story, body horror, and crime thriller, The Stomach immerses readers in a world of supernatural Noir, where darkness lurks at every turn. The Stomach has garnered widespread recognition and acclaim, earning numerous accolades from prestigious film festivals around the world. This captivating short film received the coveted Melies d’Argent at the Abertoir International Horror Festival, showcasing its exceptional storytelling and chilling atmosphere. Additionally, it secured the Best Horror Short title at Fantastic Fest, Celluloid Screams, and Rio Grind, while its director was honored with the Best Director award at Rio Grind. The Stomach further cemented its reputation as a standout film with victories in categories like Best Sci-Fi/Paranormal Short Film at Horrible Imaginings, Best Horror at Beeston Film Festival, and Best Horror/Sci-Fi at Dam Short Film Festival. Other notable recognitions include the Best Film award at Curtas Mutantes II, Best Scenario and Best Performance for Peter Marinker at the Knoxville Horror Festival, as well as the Jury Award for Best Short and Audience Award for Best Short at Mauvais Genre. 

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