The Stomach

Frank’s had enough. As a spirit medium, his unique and grotesque method of channeling the dead is not only taking a toll on his own sanity but also putting his life at risk. Determined to break free from this dangerous path, Frank longs for an escape. However, little does he know that forces beyond the realm of the living have their own sinister plans in store. In this captivating fusion of ghost story, body horror, and crime thriller, The Stomach immerses readers in a world of supernatural Noir, where darkness lurks at every turn. The Stomach has garnered widespread recognition and acclaim, earning numerous accolades from prestigious film festivals around the world. This captivating short film received the coveted Melies d’Argent at the Abertoir International Horror Festival, showcasing its exceptional storytelling and chilling atmosphere. Additionally, it secured the Best Horror Short title at Fantastic Fest, Celluloid Screams, and Rio Grind, while its director was honored with the Best Director award at Rio Grind. The Stomach further cemented its reputation as a standout film with victories in categories like Best Sci-Fi/Paranormal Short Film at Horrible Imaginings, Best Horror at Beeston Film Festival, and Best Horror/Sci-Fi at Dam Short Film Festival. Other notable recognitions include the Best Film award at Curtas Mutantes II, Best Scenario and Best Performance for Peter Marinker at the Knoxville Horror Festival, as well as the Jury Award for Best Short and Audience Award for Best Short at Mauvais Genre. 

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