In the haunting solitude of a lakeside setting, a woman embarks on a poignant journey to disperse the ashes of a cremation, seeking solace and closure. However, as she solemnly goes about her task, she discovers that the weight of the past cannot be easily cast aside. Memories, both cherished and painful, flood her mind, intertwining with the present moment. With each handful of ashes released into the wind, she confronts the lingering emotions and attachments that refuse to be forgotten.

This captivating short film was specially commissioned by Hulu as part of their inaugural Huluween ‘online film festival,offering a unique cinematic experience to viewers. Executive produced by 21st Digital Studio, the film captures the essence of Hulu’s commitment to delivering captivating and thought-provoking content. Through its poignant exploration of grief, memory, and the persistence of the past, this evocative piece invites audiences to reflect on the intricate web of emotions that shape our lives and the profound impact of letting go.

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